I want you to know how valuable the services of Dr. Carolyn Rowley were to my family and me. Dr. Rowley’s caring, professional and holistic approach to problem solving is absolutely amazing. Not only is she a phenomenal listener, she offers practical solutions to what may seem like insurmountable challenges.
L.B., Los Angeles, CA

When I first stepped foot passed the threshold of Cayenne Wellness Center, I was a walking, half-breathing train wreck! I suffered from chronic stress resulting from a series of traumatic events, one of which was being physically being accosted in the workplace. And as a result of the pervasive, damaging effect that it was having in all areas of my life, I was referred to Dr. Rowley and the Cayenne Wellness Center. I suffered from insomnia, poor appetite, acute muscle tension, and social withdrawal among other things and I had been off work for over a year. Despite the fact that I had a brilliant Medical Doctor and was motivated to undergo specialized behavioral health treatment, I refused to seek psychological and nutritional help just anywhere because I witnessed firsthand the damage that can be done by new age or mediocre healthcare providers. Also, as a Pre-Med graduate and a hospital administrator I saw and understood the difference between healthcare and “quality” healthcare and I also realized that the latter is not found easily. I knew that having a strong team in all areas of life is essential; and although I had an excellent Medical Doctor, a dynamic attorney, a skillful tax preparer, a devoted family pastor, a healthy spiritual life and much family support, my team was incomplete being that I lacked two key components; a Clinical Psychologist and a Nutritionist.

My prolonged wait to visit a therapist, although potentially dangerous, proved worth wild, being that Dr. Rowley's expertise extended into both fields of Clinical Psychology and Nutrition. With her, my team was now complete!

Although I believed in mental health, I was a clandestine skeptic of simple, quick fix approaches. Dr. Rowley delicately went straight to the heart of the matter and introduced me to 3-4-4 and assigned me deep breathing exercises. All she requested of me was that I participate in my own therapy. This was too easy I thought. But, in doing so, within the first week of treatment at Cayenne Wellness Center I noticed a profound difference in how I felt physically and mentally.

Dr. Rowley introduced me to new food choices; grains, proteins, vegetables and even spices. I learned that good food doesn't have to taste bad and became reacquainted with healthy complete meals from my childhood.It has been fun going shopping and picking up various veggies and analyzing them and becoming familiar with how they look, feel, and smell. Just by slowing down for a minute from life's hustle and bustle and conscientiously pondering my food options from 3-4-4, instead of blowing through a drive-thru, I view food in a whole new light with an entirely new appreciation. I am captivated and amazed at their vivid colors and unique shapes. What awesome characteristics! I went from not having an appetite and not eating throughout the day to my body alerting me that “it is time again for my next feeding”, just like a baby.

Dr. Rowley is right! Embracing healthy living is unquestionably a challenge to personal beliefs about self, family culture, and the world around us. When I committed to 3-4-4 I faced ridicule and was the brunt of family jokes. However, although I had all the trappings of success, I felt horrible inside and out and wanted relief and if Dr. Rowley said altering my eating habits would spell r-e-l-i-e-f, I was willing to try. As I continued 3-4-4 in the face of risking my “membership” and seemly betraying family norms, something unexpected happened. (Well, it was unexpected in my mind, but certainly not in Dr. Rowley's.) Inadvertently, the better I felt, the more the “peanut gallery” stopped snickering and started inquiring.

My mother went from declaring at the beginning of my treatment, “I'm not a conformist” when I offered her dishes to her now slowly participating in 3-4-4 in her own stride. I now catch glimpses of my mom sampling food I made, snacking on carrots, or when we are stuck in traffic her outright pulling a LARABAR out of her purse that she previously swiped from my cabinet. I also catch her restocking my refrigerator while saying, “Oh I tried x, y, z and bought you some more because I ate it up”. She humorously revealed a few weeks ago, “Well, I'm starting to eat what I see you eat!”. I am forever grateful to Cayenne Wellness Center because Dr. Rowley's influence has not only enhanced my life, but is having a profound impact on my entire family and those around me.

All in all, my overall health has dramatically changed for the better just in a few weeks. I feel like a new person. I am calm with inward peace, have more energy, sleep sound, my hair and skin are healthy, experience no aches and pains, and I have restoration of creativity and clarity of thought. I am amazed that within the very short timeframe of being a client at Cayenne Wellness Center and embracing Dr. Rowley's 3-4-4 eating method, in conjunction with following her individualized treatment plan, my life is now back on track. Evidence of this, is the fact that within the past four months I applied to law school, was accepted, and just completed my first week of legal studies.

Another added bonus to following the treatment plan Dr. Rowley created for me is, now everywhere I go whether it be the store, church, work, or my tax preparer's office, everyone cannot help but to comment on how great I look and acknowledge the fact that my new glow seems to be radiating from within.

It is funny how much time and money we Americans spend on elaborate things that we think will make us feel better, such as houses, cars, clothes, gadgets, and exotic vacations while all the while we are losing the fight because we are losing grasp of the basic fundamentals of life such as simple breathing and eating properly. Go figure?
F.L., Fontana, CA

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