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September 2017



Glutamine and Sickle Cell Anemia

Yutaka Niihara, MD, MPH, chief scientific officer and founder of Emmaus Life Sciences talks about their orphan designated drug L-glutamine to treat patients with sickle cell anemia.



Tainted Blood
Huffington Post
Angela G. King
October 17, 2016

Angela G. King

One of the most common genetic disruptions to blood flow in the human body that exists, Sickle Cell Disease afflicts millions of men, women and children around the globe - up to 100,000 of them living in the United States. Yet a universal cure, or even slate of treatments to effectively combat its often painful and debilitating, at times fatal symptoms remain elusive. That could finally be about to change substantively. In her three-part series, she presents stories that explores this prospect among a community still languishing so far beneath the radar of public consciousness.

Couple's attempt to do the
right thing brings more grief

Los Angeles Times
Steve Lopez
March 11, 2009
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