Mission Statement: Cayenne Wellness Center

Cayenne Wellness Center is dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention in children, adolescents, their families and the general population. The mission of Cayenne Wellness Center is to improve the nutritional and mental health of the public. We achieve this mission through education, research, and public awareness initiatives and community outreach programs that promote good nutrition and mental health. We practice the science of helping people make changes in their lifestyle to improve their overall health and quality of life emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


The educational portion of our mission is accomplished during the eleven and six
week nutritional seminars, through our High Five! Children’s Cooking and Nutrition series, as well as through our weekend retreats, individualized nutritional and holistic programs. Within the educational portion, clients receive emotional support and nutritional information designed to assist them achieve successful lifestyle changes.

Emotional/Mental Health: This is accomplished within the framework of the
Adlerian holistic theory which takes a look at the person’s social, emotional, and
spiritual development.

Physical/Nutritional Health: A portion of the seminar is adapted from two
primary sources: Dr. Melinda Sothern’s “Committed to Kids” Program at Louisiana
State University which has a 15 year success record as well as Epstein, Wing,
Koeske, Andrasik and Ossip’s child and parent weight loss behavior modification


We promote and support research which examines the relationship between
nutrition, exercise and disease in the context of the following investigative areas:

Community Outreach

In addition to our in-center services, we practice the belief of serving one another by providing services to the following:

Target populations

We serve a variety of populations, yet specifically target children, adolescents and their families who are obese and/or malnourished. We provide education and training to mothers during pregnancy or after the birth or their child so that good nutritional habits and positive self-esteem can be formed at an early age. Children and adults with a chronic or acute illness, as well as those at high risk for cancer, are also served. Services are also available to the general population looking for a successful program to achieve optimal health. We are dedicated to serving children, adolescents, their families and the general population improve their physical health and emotional development.

In addition, we offer weekend retreats for adults as well as individualized nutritional and holistic programs to those desiring more in-depth, one-on-one assistance who may have other lifestyle issues that may impede their success.


Cayenne Wellness Center hopes to assist every individual to achieve healthier
lifestyle changes emotionally, physically and spiritually. In addition to our mental health facility, our nutritional intervention program encompasses six primary elements leading to long term success in achieving optimal health. Through active parental involvement or an active support system, participants will learn to:

  1. increase their physical activity,
  2. decrease their sedentary behaviors,
  3. modify their eating style by implementing the New Healthy Pyramid (developed by Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust) and the 3-4-4 method of eating (developed by Dr. Carolyn Rowley), and
  4. identify those issues that have impeded their success for achieving weight loss and healthy eating via psychotherapy (group, family, and group)

The ultimate goal of Cayenne Wellness Center is to lower the incidence of obesity in children and adolescents, to improve the nutritional health of the public, and to assist every individual achieve optimal health. The secondary goal of Cayenne Wellness Center is to reduce the risk for chronic disease which are complications of obesity and poor nutrition.


Cayenne Wellness Center is in transition. We are searching for a new location in the LA, LA County area. We serve Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley.


Cayenne Wellness Center has a highly qualified and committed staff delivering our mental health services, our nutritional seminars, weekend retreats, and the acclaimed High Five! Program to children ages 8 - 12. We also have a dedicated volunteer staff who assist with various office duties and marketing campaign strategies.

For more information on this and other programs, or on how you can help further our mission towards the health of children and their families, please feel free to contact us via telephone at: 818.377.5120 or via e-mail at:


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